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2018 Award Winner

2018 Award Winner: Jennifer Eberle, LPCC
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Jennifer Eberle, LPCC


Currently owns a Private Practice in Valley City, Creative Therapy. She currently employs 2 fulltime professional counselors. After graduation she worked in Home Therapy with The Village in Fargo, ND. She is currently working on her Supervision Credentials.

She currently serves on the Barnes County Behavioral Health Coalition. This group is addressing the dire need for mental health providers across the state of ND as well as in Barnes County. Barnes County has been identified as one of the top counties in need for mental health providers.

At Creative Therapy, they often have clients who want to use natural methods to help address behavioral and mental health issues. To meet this demand, some of the staff have regularly attended training to understand how natural options, such as diet and supplementation, can positively impact mental health issues. They have learned research is showing a strong correlation between one's diet and vitamin deficiencies and their mental health state. That's why Creative Therapy is pleased to offer a customizable, science-based program designed to fit your wellness needs.

Jennifer strives to stay current with latest research within our profession. She is a regular presenter on the campus of Valley City State University sharing her passion for the counseling profession.

Jennifer opened Creative Therapy in 2014 as she saw a void in services for our community that she wanted to fill. Jennifer has been a practicing therapist since 2011, earning her Master's of Science in Counseling degree from the University of Mary. Her professional experience includes working with children and families as an Intensive In-Home Therapist for The Village Family Service Center for 3 years and working with adults in an outpatient setting. Jennifer specializes and has a strong passion for working with children. Her continuing education includes training in play therapy, sand tray, Autism, ADHD, and suicide assessment and intervention. Jennifer's approach to counseling includes using different counseling theories while incorporating creative interventions for additional impact. She finds that when children and adults are able to use different mediums such as art, sand, writing, and music, they have a more enjoyable and powerful experience.

Jennifer also has blogs on Facebook addressing currently mental health issues.


Jennifer is past president of NDMHCA and served for several years as a NDMHCA Board Representative. She also served as the NDMHCA rep on the NDCA Board. While serving on these boards Jennifer was a very involved and activist in legislative issues. She is a current member of NDCA and NDMHCA.

When Jen's not working, you can find her serving on several different community and mental health boards. She also enjoys reading and spending time with family.

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